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Emily Bergstrom

Emily Bergstrom


Emily Bergstrom defends all types of civil matters in California state and federal courts from inception through trial, with an emphasis on personal injury and wrongful death claims against defendants involving alleged asbestos-caused injuries and all types of product liability matters. She has litigated product liability claims for the past 22 years with an emphasis on automotive and tire product liability. Emily also handles various commercial and business-related cases including landlord-tenant and “lemon-law” claims.


Emily has significant courtroom experience, including motion practice and trials, and a great ability to manage high-volume dockets with an eye toward cost-effectiveness, efficiency and communication with clients and insurers. 

Emily previously worked as a partner at Becherer Kannett & Schweitzer.



University of California at Santa Barbara, BA English Literature, 1994

Suffolk University Law School, Massachusetts, JD, 1997


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