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“Our clients rely on us for our extensive litigation experience and our ability to provide successful, cost-effective results.”

Julie Hayashida

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Every successful outcome starts
with the client.

At BHC, we believe that every successful outcome starts by understanding each individual client’s unique challenges and goals. Our approach is experience-driven—every deposition, motion, and negotiation is made with purpose and precision. We believe this approach is the most efficient and effective path to successful outcomes.

Practice Areas
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Personal Injury

Personal injury defense

We represent large corporations and individuals sued in a wide range of cases involving personal injuries.  Our attorneys are particularly adept at handling traumatic brain injury cases and other catastrophic injury cases.  These cases have specialized scientific defenses which are addressed by expert witnesses and consultants from top universities with whom BHC attorneys have longstanding relationships.

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Insurance coverage and bad faith

Our attorneys handle complex insurance litigation cases pending in state and federal courts and on appeal. We represent clients in first-party and third-party contract and bad faith disputes arising out of general liability, homeowner, automotive, excess and disability policies.

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Business litigation

Our business clients include national and international companies, family businesses and individuals whose rights and assets are under attack, whether they find themselves already in lawsuits or in disputes where lawsuits are threatened. The legal theories in the cases of our business clients vary widely, including directors and officers (D&O) liability, contract disputes over business ownership, executive compensation disputes and more.

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Construction defect litigation

Whether it’s a single-family home, a large residential development or a commercial/industrial facility, our lawyers have experience representing owners, developers, architects, contractors and subcontractors in construction defect litigation involving latent defects, catastrophic events and water intrusion.

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Mass & Toxic Tort

Over the past twenty years, our attorneys have successfully defended manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and premises owners in hundreds of toxic and mass tort cases in state and federal courts, in areas including asbestos, silica, benzene, mold, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), groundwater/soil contamination and property damage. Our clients benefit from the efficiency provided by the firm’s resources in the trades and medical community, and from our success in developing long-term legal strategies to minimize future lawsuits.

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Professional liability

The firm’s lawyers have many decades of combined experience protecting the interests of professionals in complex litigation in state and federal courts. Our clients include attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, insurance brokers and agents, real estate brokers and agents, and health care practitioners.

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Product liability

Product lawsuits are the point of confluence for science, business and law, where the risk for the defendant company often goes beyond a single case or injury to the very existence of the business. BHC’s imaginative and experienced trial attorneys work with experts in every field to defend the manufacturers and suppliers of products that are claimed to have caused injuries or illness.

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Transportation litigation

We represent individuals and companies that have been sued as a result of trucking, bus and other common carrier accidents. Our rapid-response protocols help ensure that evidence is preserved and our clients’ rights are properly protected.

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Consumer Warranty

We represent manufacturers in hundreds of breach of warranty lawsuits, particularly against consumers alleging violations of California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. Our goal is to immediately evaluate cases and we strive to resolve most matters within months of the filing of the complaint. Our lawyers‘ history and credibility with the plaintiffs’ bar enable us to effectively communicate with the other side in order to limit costly and often unnecessary disputes. Our case-handling procedures emphasize streamlined case management. And if we have to try a case we have trial lawyers with the experience to try cases.

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Biz Lit
Mass & Toxic
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